Our Commitment With You

Our Mission

Work individually with our clients to provide a quality service and excellence while fulfilling their needs and expectations

Capitol Security Police, Inc.

One of our company’s greatest values is the importance we give to service.


Provide an immediate response action to any emergency service that our clients might have. In this way, maintain an efficient and excellent security service.

Flota Vehícular

Capitol Security Police’s vehicle fleet is equipped with a GPS tracking system that allows us to monitor the patrol in real time. This system is available for security proposes on private vehicles and corporate fleets.

Capitol Security vehicles are all labeled and equipped with internal communications devices to attend any emergency. Also, we have a large quantity of light vehicles to cover any and all of our clients particular needs. We constantly evaluate and make changes in our vehicle fleet.

We have armored luxury SUV for executive transport, for both executives and their families, with highly trained personnel.

Capitol Security Police distinguishes itself on the Security Industry for having the most competitive and committed personnel. We achieve this by having a rigorous and standardized recruiting program.

Our recruiting process is strict and effective. Security Officer candidates go through an interview process on which we incorporate the Behavior Interview process. We determine the trustworthiness of the candidate, customer service, decision making, and initiative, among others. Once the candidate has been satisfactorily evaluated, he is submitted to a doping test and five panel process that includes:

Good Conduct certificate
Personal and work references
Sex Offender Registry
Behavior investigation

Furthermore, recruited personnel is subject to a continuous investigation process and has to be available to take and pass and polygraph test that may be administered.

Supervision is continuous, to ensure periodically that the employee meets Capitol Security Police standards, and thus, meet the commitment to our clients. Our employees are fully trained before being recruited, and, after this, go through additional training every three months.

Servicio de Guardaespaldas

Valores que se Añaden a Nuestra Organización

Escolta de Vehículos y Flota Vehícular

Besides providing a unique operational structure to our clients, our company offers additional operational elements, free of cost, that will support our client’s security. Among these we can mention:

24 hour command center that will attend both the calls from our personnel as well as our clients. Any incident is managed from there and the appropriate response protocol will be activated.

Special Operations Unit, which is part of our daily operations and works 24/7 providinf prevention, monitoring and response to our clients.

Reports, statistics and security surveys. Our operational personnel is trained to provide data analysys reports that will help our clients with prevention. Furthermore, a security survey will help detect ares for betterment inside their facilities, operation or community.

Monthly meetings with the Area Director will not only help calibrate the service but also establics a relationship beyong client-supplier. Our personnel will be a part of you.

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